Don't Stop The Party Bus


After being placed in the witness protection program, Brian knew life as a mafia enforcer, while lucrative, would be short at best. Just out of puberty, his next career would combine his love of sharp objects and slicing things with the hired goon status he had once enjoyed. College beckoned and he answered the call. While at Ohio State, Brian ran into Mike after a failed chemistry experiment that nearly rendered them both humorless and sterile (but don’t worry ladies their ravaging man-powers are still intact).

Brian moved to New York City, where, during this time, Brian discovered what the natives called “radio”, and after working with multiple morning, afternoon, and syndicated talk shows, Brian learned how to harness his incredible powers to sway the masses and activate the Emergency Alert System at blinding speeds. Through bribes of food and beer, Brian convinced Mike to join him in the city, where the two of them awed the "suits" in corner offices with these new-found powers.

Calling upon his experience, Brian unleashed his ideas to Mike late one night when the cable went out. It was then, they created the Brian and Mike Show, which was a continuation of the show they had been doing in their own living room for years.


Mike loves everything from video games to fast cars and expensive toys. When Mike met Brian, the two became fast friends, and realized the possibility of making a living, and mass corruption, while talking about these kinds of things.

After a few years, and a nasty case of carpel tunnel, Mike's voice is being heard on the radio. He developed and co-hosted a talk show, and added his voice to radio station imaging and commercials with Brian's ninja-like production skills. On Brian and Mike, he helps paint a picture of the world as he sees it; strange but interesting.

Together, Brian and Mike use their powers for evil by resuscitating Talk Radio.